Sunday, November 28, 2004

Summary of the week - Mon - ThurS

Monday & Tuesday

Its been a Long week. There were exams on Monday and Tuesday (that cost me to gigantic red zits one on each side of my cheeks) and then there was the YA’s evaluation on Saturday ohh and on Friday I had a workshop with Rohaizad Suaidi…argh yes yes as you can see I am used to a stress free life. And to cap it off today. Today there is a tryouts for the debates in Manila which is happening on the 3rd of December to 13th. Phew long week.

The EX-ams.

Well it’s the end of the week and I don’t really want to relive it but well basically I had only 2 papers. Monday’s morning paper is Media History (Hmm seems like so long ago). I think I did pretty OK for that though there was 1 out 3 essay question which got me stumped…(or was that the econ’s paper?) Well Tuesday was the screwed up one. I got over confident and didn’t study for it ‘til 3 hours before. Argh. I remember regretting not studying when I stoned at the essay Question for the Microeconomics paper but ahh well whatever.


Free day lala-ing about and grumping over the giant spots.
bLogging blogging blogging (Sing along to “rolling rolling rolling” song)


Ahh the script. Got to met up with Des to give her the shirt. Suppose to meet her at 2pm but well the rubber time got to me and I was 1 hour late (Hey I told her at 1.30pm that I was going to be late). Man she is stressed but she really like the shirt. Had lunch at 3:30pm ++ , fagged and she went back to the office.
I met up with Des again later in the night but it was just a brief thing because I had to met Idora and Teresa in KLCC. It was rather fn. We chit chat at first and brainstormed about where the scene would take place. The entire process would just take too long to go into detail but we ended up with a scene where I was character number 3 who is a man looking for a night out. Character 2 is a prostitute and character 1 is a boutique owner.


Got to get to the workshop at British Council. I got back from the meet up with Idora and Teresa at about 5 or 6 am but I got to wake up at 12pm cause I got to move my stuff out of the hostel. Shite. I am the queen of grumps today. Stressed and the lack of sleep makes me a bitch. Up and down I went carrying bags of books, clothes … then when over to Ramon’s place and well I was edgy and grumpy. Meet mom at the LRT station at 6pm+ cause of a massive traffic jam and got to the workshop 5 minutes late but thankfully it haven’t started.

The Workshop

It really wasn’t what I was expecting. Its really the highlight of my day. The facilitator Rohaizad was the person who thought up of this play called OP’s Ophelia – A Fashion Opera. It was interesting to note that no one participant of this workshop has seen the play.
I expected a lot more physical movement in the workshop but thankfully it was him telling us how he began the process of getting the idea for his play OP’s Ophelia.

Act 1 - Hamlet is a play that intrigued him
Act 2 - Ophelia draws Rohaizad to her watery sad bosom.
Act 3 – Discovering the many faces of Ophelia
Act 4 – Rohaizad loves fashion and opera

Act 1 + Act 2 + Act 3 + Act 4 became Op’s Ophelia

Homework – FIND YOUR OPhelia.

Step 1 – Identifying Your Hamlet
Hamlet could be a book that inspired you or like me Greek and Viking mythology have always been a fascinating subject for me

Step 2 - Identifying Your Ophelia
- will be filled in when I have don it

Step 3 – Knowing more about your subject of Facination

Meeting Up with Idora and Teresa (Part II)
Venue : Bangsar
Time : 11pm
Objective : rehearse play and brainstorm another piece (heavy)

Result :
1. I was checking out women after I left Ramon and I got a bit freaked out but it added to my “manliness”

2. Heavy dark piece was about Death. 3 friends at a memorial and Character 1 gets emotional crying outburst. Character 2 (Idora) is the mediator. Character 3 has a bf (bitch fit) towards the end.

End : 6am

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