Saturday, November 20, 2004

What I learnt + What I did

What I learnt today

1: The symbol of a woman is also a symbol of Venus. Apparently I just got to imagine a handheld mirror
2: The symbol of a man is also the symbol for Mars

…Ohh so that is why they call the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Doh…

What I did

- Minor Changes to blog + Friendster (ole skool crush)

Well I did some minor changes my blog, though it took me the whole night to figure out what was what. I tried using NetStat but it was a bit of a failure cause the counter just won't appear. Anyway surf around the net and got a much nicer one…hmph.

I was just going through friendster and I came across (well ok more like searching) this guy I had a crush on in high school. Honestly I swear I won’t remember him other than the fact that on some weird occasion on a dare I kinda blurted out that I liked him . I still get embarrassed thinking about it…in a funny way. I can’t imagine myself doing that now.

Ahh when we were young and silly.

Right when I was in high school I thought I knew everything. I kinda hated the people who thought that they were happening and stuff. I think in a way I was afraid of them. I always have this notion that being popular (as in soap opera/drama popular) means you don’t really have real friends. It’s probably just me watching too much teen flicks or maybe I just can’t stand the girls.
**Sigh** High school is such a long time ago but it was fun. Sure, sure I had a few bitchy moments and yea I had my heart broken when my frst "best" friend left me for another but its all part and parcel getting into the real world.

Facts about high skool Crush

Fact 1 : I hardly (it was more like never) spoken to him
Fact 2 : I had a crush on him because my mate tried this weird experiment on me to test out some mad theory of hers
Fact 3 : Weird experiment led me to having a crush on him from 14 til ….17?18?
Fact 4 : (from his frienster) Apparently this guy is some super stock market player and he wants to met a girl who is kinda of a girl next door.

(What issit with guys and girls next door? Ok its probably because I had bad experiences with girls next doors.. mumble mumble ... manipulating, conniving, oo popular …mumble some more... find I am probably just jealous mumble til you stop reading this)

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despiteme said...

Did you also know that if you go back wayyyyy before the current female sign, the sign for the female was like a V. And that actually means chalice i.e. cup. Allegedly the golden grail = chalice = A woman. For the rest, please read DAN BROWN's The Da Vinci Code.