Tuesday, November 02, 2004


This is the story of how weedflower came to this world.
Weedflower came to being because of a story I read a long time ago.


The story begins with a little girl (not me, just a random girl la).One day, this particular little girl passed an abandon field full of bright red poppies basking in the afternoon sunlight. To the little girl it was the most beautiful flower she had ever seen and she begged her mother to let her bring some poppy seeds home to plant in their garden. Like a sensible adult the mother said no, for these poppies were nothing more than just common weeds in the mother’s eyes. Well this little girl was perplexed as she couldn’t understand why her mother would not want to have these “flowers” in their garden. She went home and dreamt about her garden filled with bright red poppies. The next day she secretly brought back some poppy seeds in her pocket and planted the seeds in the garden. The little girl waited for the poppies to grow and when the flowers bloomed the little girl was naturally delighted. However the poppies grew rapidly and soon consumed the entire garden. The little girl’s mother tried to get rid of them but couldn’t. After some time the family moved.
Many years passed and the little girl grew into a young woman. She came back to the house she once lived. The house was abandon and in shambles but all around the compound was filled with bright red poppies. When the young woman saw the poppies, she smiled and was brought back to the time when she was a little girl. In her eyes the poppies are still the most beautiful flowers in the world.

---The End ---

Well that is how this nick came about. Weed to the mother but flower to the little girl. If you ask me to describe myself I think this story says it all.
This story really made me think about people’s perception of the world around us. It is a little sad that the older we get the more jaded with the world we seem to be. I guess this story helps to keep the little girl in me :P
*Plus doesn’t anyone remember picking “flowers” for your mother. The “flowers” I picked for my mom were love grass.

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