Thursday, November 25, 2004

we are ALL children of the universe

There are some narrow minded Malaysian-Chinese…

… who thinks that being fair is the epitome of beauty.
… who would only date some one who has fair skin.
… who thinks that people who have darker skin are beneath them.

… who thinks that money = happiness
(what a sad lot)
… who thinks being as thin as a celery is sexy
(stick insects)

- add on when I can think of more -

On behalf of these people I say SORRY

' What we got to remember is that we are ALL children of the universe.
No more no less than the trees and the sun and the moon. '

This makes me try and remember to eradicate the below from my life and thoughts
Racism, misconceptions, biasness, ignorance, arrogance and FEAR

damn it is hard

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