Monday, December 13, 2004


Right people. It may seem that I have forgotten about you guys but the truth is right now I am in the Philippines. You have to forgive me right now because honestly I am smashed.Actually i am still surprise that i can spell/type this at this moment ahhahaha (find its a private joke)
I think i fell in love with this country.The moment was when i entered the cathedrel in Intramorous, Manila. Just in case you are wondering I am a free thinker/Agnostic. I believe there is a God but i don't suscribe to one particular belief/religion.Anyway back to Intramorous. I think that place is just absolutely beautiful. I have this facination for old buildings and Intramorous is filled with it.....
will continue the next time when i don't feel sleepy and dizzy eheheheh
Just to tell you guys (maybe myslef) that i am in the Philippines

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