Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Wet Market

The wet market can be smelly,wet and chaotic. When I started out this project I was wondering if the traditional marketplace is relevant in todays world of Tescos,Giants and Carrefours. This is the 1st time I am stepping into the SS15 MPSJ Pasar Moden. I remember my parents buying our produce from the market when i was a kid. I find that the wet market is not a place of commerce, it is a place of interaction. On an individual experience, the senses are assaulted with the smells,sight and sounds. I am coerce into interacting with the Aunty and Pakciks when I choose to buy their products. I find that I can get intimate with the food i am going to be consuming as the aunty and uncle share recipes and tell me where the produce comes from. For the people who work here, children have grown up playing in the market and have their own stalls now. The Subang Jaya market has relocated 5 to 6 times around SS 14 and SS 15 before the current location. The current venue is cleaner and spacious compared to other wet markets but drains are shallow and clogs up easily. Parking is also an issue. It is hard to find parking as there are 3 colleges within the vicinity. No parking no customers la. Competition is stiff as there are supermarkets and a Giant just opened close by. I hope the Pasar stays long enough so when I grow old I got somewhere to go and wax lyrical about my joint pains and ulcers 

Combating Monday blues with with citrus
- Ting Kin Chai,SS15 MPSJ Pasar Moden

Tuesdays reminisce and catch up on your greens.
This lady grows her vegetables in Rawang - Ting Yong Thai

Wednesdays are always a little fishy.
You never know if you should be happy
that half the working week has passed
 or that Fridays is still so far away
- Cittrasari has been selling at the
SS15 market for 30 odd years.
The fishes is from Kuala Selangor.

Thursdays is pretty straightforward.
Looking onwards towards the weekends
- Papathi has been with the Subang market
 for 15 years. Only on weekends does
 she sets up her stall at the SS15 MPSJ Pasar Moden.

t's time to do the chicken dance
cause Friday is here. Woo hoo
- Mohd Ridzuan in his very words
"Dari 1984 masih bujang sudah buat kerja ini.
Ahh bini sudah ade anak pun sudah besar
masih buat kerja ni." Mohd Sulaimi is his son.
 Sulaimi owns the lot at SS15 MPSJ Pasar Moden.

It's Saturday.The inner child breaks free.
- Zhen Wei and Mum opens only on
the weekends at SS15 MPSJ Pasar Moden.
Mum followed Grandma to work since she was 10.
Grandma open daily just down the aisle.
Grandma is 70 and sells vegetables.

Give thanks for restful Sundays
- Ah Chan has been with the market right at
the beginnings of Subang Jaya.
 He sells unassuming basics like noodles
and taufu at the SS15 MPSJ Pasar Moden

Then it's back to the daily grind - 

Monday, July 08, 2013


With burgeoning highways and epic megamalls dotting the Klang Valley, the memory of huge trees lining the streets of Klang Valley lingers in shrinking green pockets. Malaysia is a country that was economically tied to agriculture. Despite a move to the industrial and the service based sector, this project seeks to document and explore the interactions of the urban dweller in the Klang Valley with their gardens in the public sphere