Friday, September 30, 2011


CHANCE may seem incidentally and random, but for me chance happens because of actions taken base on cycles of decisions. Following the line of thought of chance from the ancient Greek concept and the Buddhist idea of karma, in a nutshell chance is a meeting point. This point visually would be a dot, and potentially leading into a line and so on, or nothing at all.

Chance happens in the human realm when 2 beings of separate thought and personalities meet. A meeting which happens at a point in time X due to an accumulation of previous actions base on decisions made separately and independently from each other. Chance happens when each being acting independently of each other connects even if it’s for a brief moment.

That connection is the meeting point and whether that meeting point becomes a line or more is entirely dependent on the individual beings; Choices and decision of the individual would bring the dot to a line if they each made an effort.

A short story would be bumping into a random stranger and feeling compelled to connect. At this chanced meeting, I can decided to act on my compulsion or not. Chance just created the opportunity to decide. The fun part is, even if I decide to connect there are other variables to consider.

In its simplest form,
CHANCE = Meeting point, which happens when [Being1 (Decision)* + Being 2 (Decisions)*]

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Today - 5th July 2011

Ego manic rears its little tail,
with the same old rooster
crowing to its crowning glory.

Anger seeps beneath
benevolence pretence,
I look behind me
and there is it.

The same old tail
wagging its heads,
uncontrollably afraid

I shout for Merdeka
In my tiny stadium,
When the bigger game

Is in my face.

Your tiring looks,
Going on your train,
If time is my life
Then what I do with it
Is my salvation

I preach to you
And I implore
All though its to you;
I’m exploring
The depths of within

Through surface talks
And done deals
Behind closed doors
City living takes its toll
As charted high rises,
sky rockets

Still your smiles comforts ,
The bravery of going outside the grains
Fear seeps in
But you still raise on
Above the cloacks
Of anxiety and repression.

I salute you for standing tall,
I bow down to your arrest.
Friends may fritter to frays,
Please don’t step over the edge

Share your troubles my young heroine
For power sticks like heroin
Remember your passions
And your dreams

That keeps your head
Above the mists.
I love you and you are me.
Ok I won’t give you
The 1 MY=you=we talk.

I can rally up
What this is all about
But it won’t be sharing
If you and I don’t dissent.

Couldn’t help it,
You know
I got a mouth. 

Date : 9 July 2011
Time : 12pm
Venue : the Malaysian High Commission, Belgrave Square (Nearest Tube: Hyde Park Corner)

1. Korea
Date : 9 July 2011
Time : 3.00pm
Venue : Malaysian High Commission, 4-1 Hannam-dong, 140-210, Seoul

2. Australia
Date : 9 July 2011
Time : 12.00pm
Venue : Malaysian Consulate in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (simultaneous)

3. Japan
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: Tower of the Sun, Osaka

4. USA
a. Los Angeles
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia, 550 South Hope Street, Suite 400, Los Angeles

b. San Francisco
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 9.30am
Venue: Chrissy Field Picnic Area, Presidio, San Francisco

c. New York City
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia, 313 East 43rd Street, New York

Friday, June 24, 2011

BERSIH - speak up

No true artist can live in a cacoon of an isolated inner world
for we are all have a need to create
and that is why we choose to exhibit.

Art is admired for its techniques, its expression, it's ideas. 
One night out with an artist she told me in the end it is the idea that counts. 

Working in the Art Gallery, there is a hunger to consume new ideas.

As artist be your medium paint, music, writing, the computer, film ...whatever it is,
we got to voice out.Under normal circumstances I'm not bothered by politics. I know some of you aren't Malaysians but repression is everwhere. I'm not asking you to start a revolution, just maybe come out once in a while and participate. 

Time to Voice out and may your voice be heard too. 

BERSIH - speak up

A voice that speaks louder
when all speak at the same time
Asking for a clean vote
Whats the big deal

Is there a fear and insecurity 
That they aren't going to win?
Well I thought the goverment
is supporting the people?
Or are we supporting them?

There is nothing
to be afraid of
if they are
where they are
When the people
"rakyat" has spoken

For too long
I have been a child
Listening to the fears and threats
Weeping as home is not HOME

We will go overseas to study/work
thinking that it is a greener life
and it is but you know your roots
Are here despite all the prejudices

You know what,
bring your teh tarik talk
to the Bersih roadshow and rally
We can all complain about the injustice
Only instead of sitting on our butts
We can walk and talk
Ok bring your mug of teh

BTW the whole
repeatition of
armageddon proportions 
May 13 is wearing thin. 
All these slurs 
Just shows fear
I wonder why
They are so worried

You can sweat it out,
Little technie that you are
All small bytes count 
Voice your disssatisfaction 
Spread the BERSIH around
Not like a virus
More like an anti-virus

Dance if you like to dance
and act it out
Do a cook out
Bring nourishments
Play the songs in your voice 
Make a mini festival
After all it can be
a street performance
Your stage will be as big
As many actors there are 

Capture this moment
join in or youtube it
After all history is made
by the people
the "rakyat"

So if you want to repost this
by all means go ahead
And tag as many as you like
In your FB note

FB= social network = voice = action = change

We would like to announce that there are rallies confirmed in more countries:

1. Korea
Date : 9 July 2011
Time : 3.00pm
Venue : Malaysian High Commission, 4-1 Hannam-dong, 140-210, Seoul

2. Australia
Date : 9 July 2011
Time : 12.00pm
Venue : Malaysian Consulate in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (simultaneous)

3. Japan
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: Tower of the Sun, Osaka

4. USA
a. Los Angeles
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia, 550 South Hope Street, Suite 400, Los Angeles

b. San Francisco
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 9.30am
Venue: Chrissy Field Picnic Area, Presidio, San Francisco

c. New York City
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia, 313 East 43rd Street, New York

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Berlin Wall

by Paik Yin on Thursday, 22 April 2010 at 03:00
Posted in Facebook sometime back. Sharing with you all

Papa is watching the 8 o’clock news. Impatiently and sullenly I watch the clock tick by, intently willing the long hand of the clock to click to the number 6. McGuyver comes on at 8:30 tonight. A loud cheer catches my right corner, disrupting my slouchy musings. There is an electric excitement blaring from the news. Party? I watch the images flicker. I don’t know what’s going on but I know I’m witnessing something important.

Today there is another image search for the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The 2nd time in the last 3 months and again looking through the images, I feel the pricking of tears just waiting to break through. 

Damn! Shit ! I can’t cry in the office. 
Being separated by a wall just feels all too fragile.
A woman in the passenger seat, face buried in her hands covered with tears.
An old man radiating with joy as he takes his first few step across the border arms raised.
A child’s fingers wrapped around a pick axe, pounding into the wall, enthusiastically joining in the festivities. 

Families separated by a wall. 
Friends separated by a wall. 
People separated by a wall. 
A country separated by a wall.

In a micro scale, a symbolic object applies to me too. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with my emotions. Too overtly control on the outside as I befuddled with what to do with my feelings inside. Detaching and unhooking my interior, afraid of giving emotions the full reign to flow as it seems destructive. 

Realization came about that I just have to let my feelings go as they please within. Accepting the emotions just as it is for the moment neither telling myself nor judging if it’s good/bad, right/wrong. To just be. 

To just be.

I hesitate last night to write about my experience yesterday because it was about you. I am my worst critic. I don’t want to be lame or desperate, overtly concern with validation from other people and constantly seeking for security. I claim I Love You, I claim I Love Him, I claim I Love Myself. 

I haven’t had closure from you. Is it needed? At this point of time, yes only I denied it before. I understand now what you mean when you said to just let it in. People touch me emotionally and working in the office has shown me that avoiding or dismissing is just another form of running away.

I have to deal with it.
Stop barricading with fear and mistrust.
It’s time to bring down the Berlin Wall.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Leaving Malaysia soon and I want to thank everyone of you for being a part of my life in Malaysia and creating Memories :D

The procrastinator that I am I finished the write up.


A human being is an accumulation of memories.Our knowledge, perceptions how we think are affected by experiences and hence memories.Memoryscapes seeks to create "land"scapes out of memories

A Work in Progress to Phase 1
a performance art piece in a public space in Kuala Lumpur. My way of saying good bye to KL city as I'll be globetrotting and living in different spaces.(KL-ites it will be happening soon, I'm leaving in early May anyways)

Phase 2 collaborating with a Malaysian musician to create new memoryscapes by sharing our experiences of Life and Kuala Lumpur.


Quitting the security of my job in New Jersey and living with $200 for 3 months in NYC nesting dreams of being an artist. Coming home to you Kuala Lumpur, it took a while to re-adjust to the static of the past.

On the other hand KL you are growing so fast. Getting to know you, I remember myself again. Numbness is unnoticeable until it’s time to explore again.


Images here -

1. Nesting Dreams

"I would frame this up"
Simple as that, a dream sprouts.

-Memories with Wei-Ling Siew walking on the streets on Manhattan

2. L.O.V.E

Living with you.
Enrich me til today

-Memories with Lawrence living in Astoria and walking along Flushing in Queens

3. Memories, KL with Rose Tints
KL (Klang Valley)

“ Remember the crazy mini buses?" – Our road havocs

“Bangsar used to be happening man” – Our pubs and bar area

"So sakai la the Orang Asli’s sit outside the road” – Forest reserve and homes for the orang asli; currently Kota Damansara.

“ There used to be trees here. Now we have highways. I guess they can be concrete trees, only uglier” – Tree lined roads

“They tore down my school” - Bukit Bintang girls school, now Pavilion shopping mall

“Wao arranged marriages still happens in Malaysia?” – my neighbour meeting various brides to be

“eww it looks like a longkang la” - stream in FRIM concretized

“Ehh wooden house so kampong la” – Our race to be ‘modern’

-Memories with words spoken with you within the city.Its the people who makes the city.

4.Walking a-Long old haunts

"Same same but not the same"

-Memories with spaces in KL

5. Light my butter cups

"She loan me the fee for submitting this portfolio with no questions ask.."

- Memories of support and Love from Lim Paik Lyn

6.Reflecting elemental

" One minute do theater, the next doing photography. Like jumping here and there...blablablabla. You got to be focus Paik Yin"

"I love so many things that I want to be everything"

- Memories of inner dialogue with family and worried mum. Interaction without my world. Reflective view points.

7.Finding me in me

"I can't read Chinese la"
"Eee you banana"

"I hated Chinese school but now I'm grown up I'm glad I understand a little bit Chinese la"

- Memories of unfamiliar Chinese customs that are unrelated but comforting later on.

8.Submerge in dreams and beauty

"Look rainbow"


"Dum dee dee dum..."

"Sometimes the world is so ugly I need to retreat to a little space and be immersed"

-Memories of cocooning myself and passively watching by.

9.The good ole days, moving along

"Remember in high school we use to go "pang sai" on the road? haha"

"OMG she use to be so cun last time"

"Yea we use to talk over the phone for hours hahahahah"

"Wao I know you for 15 years already? We got to celebrate wei"

"What am I going to do. I'm pregnant and I miss him so much."

"Yea he is married but I love him"

"Ehh don't take so much pills la"

- Memories with high school friends moving on to a less simplistic view.

10.Let's fly TO-get-here
"Why are you looking for her approval?Enough already you are grown up"

"I don't know why you always hide behind other people okay. Stop hiding"

"Babes you damn creative la"

"There isn't a music scene in KL okay"
"There is la you just don't know where"

"Cool found a jamming circle"

"Wanna write lyrics for me?"

- Memories with old and new friends. All believed in me before I believe in myself.

11.Time to ROCK this show
"Ehh babes you damn cool la"

"Woman you have always been creative la"

"Ya ke? I can't remembered la"

"Yea la you always been creative what remember those jeans you did at art attack lol"

"Ooo I love that we had so much fun"

- Memories forgotten that re-ignite confidence

12.Lets get personal

"Damn man when I got back home my family move so I don't even know how to get back home and before I left RA*** was my security anchor"

"Yea I was telling my father why he is shouting when he is just talking and my family went like eeyerr chichi go America so hoity toity already"

"Yea I didn't tell you this but I had anxiety attacks when I was working in COR***, driving home I just burst out crying for no reason"

"Who are you talking to?"

"Please don't go"

"Huh I thought things would be different, as in you would change la, Phew I can still talk to you."

"How are you now?"
"Great actually. I was fragmented before and I was coming together but woman I damn love you okay cause meeting you reminded me to just be myself"

- Memories breaking down in NYC, fragmenting in the midst from NYC to KL and reverse culture shock. Consolidation process in KL

2. Digital images are taken from 2006 to 2011

Fuji Film 5100 , Pentax KX and a point and shoot Panasonic Lumix.

Uneditted because there is beauty in "reality".

3. Lim Paik Yin.

I work with projects that gravitate towards,Art, children,gender equality and sustainable living.

As a learning artist, I have been taking photographs of spaces where I find beauty in the simplest of everyday life be it the reflection of the sunlight on a window on a warm evening walking in the city or discovering street art during my short stay in America exploring New York City.

Writing spoken words was a natural gravitation that has evolved from writing in my diary at 16. I've done a few readings at Open Mic nights and write now writing some lyrics with some music

What I love about performing arts is that I can combine my love for dance, theater, photography, spoken words and moving pictures. Kind of like a mini festival

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spaces going B&W

So I realized that I do all these colourful text with CAP-I-tal words is to confuse people...well at least I didn't realize it at that point under the pretext of it's fun. There is a part of me which still thinks that it is FUN to cap-I-TALE-ize random words in words but for now before heading out to the great OPEN road, I'll go Black and White.

Right now I'm living in an art gallery and it's a dream job.

It got me thinking about SPACES.

SPACES working with people
Working here, I've been overwhealmed a couple of times considering I've always known that sitting in front of a computer doing admin or writing out proposals are never my thing. That and I get bogged down with the lack of info I get from people or becoming over detailed about what a person want specifically. (perception its an either or thing)

The cool thing is because you are patient and guided me, you made a space for me without me realizing until much later. Thank You

spaces HOME

I never had a Space which I called my own as I've always shared a room with my sister growing up and in high school I was living in a dorm. "Home" had little SPACE for me to just be me with all the fucking obligations and ways of living that is deemed "correct"

ie You should sleep early
ie WHy you go out so much etc etc etc

n/Well today just realize its all a communication/listening issue. Because you don't listen I end up not listening which also leads to a fucking long roundabout ending at the same point over and over again

spaces OUTSIDE
I learnt to make SPace outside of the 4 corners of a building. When I sit on a tree knowing that the mundane would walk pass me when I'm just up above really cracks me up. Gleefully sometimes I feel that people are in such a rush to go from point A to point B, to achieve that they forget to look at their surroundings. I should know I numb myself doing that damn 9 to 5 job

Well despite all the complaints and cursing, I learnt to make spaces sitting in the mamak shop amidst  chattering commotion. Funnily enough words flow. Its almost because I feel insignificant surrounded by all this noise and "distraction", I probaly allow myself to feel cause I just assume everyone is too busy minding thier own business.

The best lunches I have is sitting in Mont Kiara and looking at all this concrete highways cutting across the buildings and seeing plants growing in little cracks or when the wind blows and ballerina leaves twirl about dancing with the winds. If it rains the breeze hovering over my hair zipping across my skin makes me close my eyes and smile.

Spaces AWAY
When I was living with you in America, it was the first time I had a panic attack. No back up system, no family no friends. My illusionary strength fades away as I realize how much of my arrogance and pride came from the knowingness of the support system I took for granted back home.

Create-ting Spaces

You know when you told me that you dream of a Home where people could come and teach and make art etc, and you get to learn at the same time, I have the same dream to. I would love to have a Space where people come together and share thier knowledge, inspiration, dreams and inspire each other to get things done not in a naggy way but through thier own actions.

I have tons of books and Movies that I bought but you know its boring doing things by yourself sometimes.For me ideas come alive and grow when its shared (brain-storming sessions). Remember that time when we were cooking and I wanted to barbeque the eggplants and we ended up burning the fork? Or knowing  that the dish is lacking something and you came out with the briliant idea of putting some dill from the herb garden? For me people inspire and teach me (after being humbled) especially when they share their world, their dreams, their perspective, their knowledge, their way of being.

To all of you who had dinner at the gallery, Thanks for the washing up, putting up with my control freakness, laughing, sharing worlds, playing, making, complaining, loving, smiling, playing by the rules so there will be more dinners :D and most of all for sharing and inspiring me :D

So in lieu of Spaces away, I'll publish my notes, letters and diary entries in this blog. All I'm doing is taking out the names and subsituting it with I, You, Me, he, Her, Them, Us :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Seeding Wilderness

Willow ruffle skirt
228 GBP -

All saint
$110 -

By Daniela Villegas chain jewelry
3,610 GBP -

Brass jewelry
$40 -

Bow jewelry
4.50 GBP -

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project : THEhe-ART of Living

My real education starts now.Researching for
"*@*     \0#%$0/      (( (( :) ))
  1  1      11 1 11      1 1 1 1 1 
Project : THEhe-ARTofLiving

1. Permaculture
(/Feng Shui? (need to investigate further):)
tummy fulfilling,
                          toes tickling,
                                               and land loving.

Been planting a couple of stuff from seeds.
Also started a little garden outside my parents house. Its "dirty", its "messy" and that is the whole point of it.

I want My plants to be strong.
I want my plants to remember that it didn't need me to BABY it.
I want my plants to remember it's PAst.

I want the plants to have a second chance.
I want plants that people thROW to GROW.
I want the WILDerness to come.

I dream of a space where ALL is welcome.
I dream of a day when we realize there is already a sPACE if we slow down and fEEL.

In this plot of land

there is a LONG-Kang
but I see a WATER-Fall, with rocks and all
LACK-ing some LIFE.

Just a few doors away, there was a huge BUNdle of vines
WANNA play Tarzan and Jane?
I can be your JANe lol
as I unwind.

VVine is a strong rope it MAkes
I tie it around a brick and throw it in the LONG-kang
LISTEN to the change in water flow from pounding to drippings of bells
LONG-kanG no more


Carbon Based Lifeforms - Abiogenesis

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Closeted ART-IS COMING out

weedflower's ART-IS portfolio

My first entry
My first portfolio
My first voting call
My first everything

Cooking dinner for you all
Jamming at the tikar with you all
Music randomness outside with you all
Sharing the dinner table and cooking with you all

Thank you for joining in
Thank you for sharing in 
Thank you for opening in
Thank you for spacing in

So peeps, its been a long time since I wrote on this blog.
Yes I've been in a cacoon.
I've experienced New Jersey, Visited Frida in Mexico, found street art in NYC, meet the most interesting people in the States who don't think that they are interesting, lived in New York City for 3 months out of the kindness of people but most of all I've been inspired.

To break out of my cacoon, 
I had to defragment myself.
I had to say some goodbyes
and learn some lessons softly

Coming back to Malaysia
Initial disorientation
led to some friends and past habits
Surrendering to doing what I don't want to do

It's been disorientating touching down KL. So much have changed and so much has remained the same. In retrospect, Kuala Lumpur has grown up like me. I become more shiny and "modern" up to the point where I remember someone took a horrendous picture of me and I was very upset. Hang on there. That doesn't sound like who I am.Oh no!!! I've become serious Gasp gasp gasp. Will I lose my quirkiness and all that randomness in my head....

hang on

I did lost my sense of humour without even knowing it eeek.

Since 2008

I worked in Corbis as a photo researcher at Corbis. Love the job had to adjust to the enviroment.

which led to a short but interactive stint at Bake 180

I coordinated HerStory Malaysia. Love the arty aspect had to adjust to working with people 

I studied permaculture at Embun Pagi, Malaysia. Love every aspect of the course had to adjust to reigning myself

RIGHT NOW I'm interning and living at Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Gallery. Love the space and freedom to be AM balancing the art of being an artist and a gallery manager

It's been 2 years since I landed, the open road is A-calling gain. 

This time around for expansion