Wednesday, November 17, 2004

10 days In 1 PAragraph

Back blogging made me shut down for ten days… that and the fact that I don’t have an Internet line at home. So here I am back in uni supposedly studying for my finals.

What happened these past 10 days? Honestly I don’t really remember other than the fact that I went to some Deepavali makan fest at my neighbours place and another makan fest when I went and visit my grandma in Sitiawan, Perak. Its really weird but 1 week can seem like ages to me. So all I can tell you is what happened to me right before I started writing this
Right what have I been doing? I have been reading other people’s blogs. I don’t know I think I have come to a conclusion that reading too many people’s blogs puts me in a writer’s block mode. I think I will lie down now. Maybe it will help. Or maybe I will go watch some movies or something like that. **Sigh**

As you can see I am fickle minded.

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