Wednesday, November 24, 2004

YA’s SeSSioN - MiNd BloweD TWice

I got to Desa Petaling early Hooray!!! I got stuck waiting for roti canai…I am late again :(

Warm Ups

Warm ups for today were pretty fun in a way. There was a certain set that made racy thoughts running in my head…eheh (pervy look here).

Recipe for “Palm Circle Garden”.
First get a bunch of nutters like the YA’s, then get everyone in a circle (holding hands should suffice). After doing exercises that makes everyone giggle, ensure everyone is in a circle and then get the people to place thier palms with the persons next to them. Now push and then get every1 to lean forward. Repeat steps.

Its pretty cool because I felt this force pushing from my rights side but the energy level from my left was so limp. Total contrast.

Nitty Gritty.

Today’s session was an eye opener for me. We had to this little sketch in 3 variations. I found out today that arms flying around is my signature. As for me having a lack of focus I guessed I kinda knew that. There was one scene where I really felt like someone else…but that lasted for a few seconds before I was back to myself again. It is kind of frustrating for me because I slip into character easily the first time around, and then when I lose focus I don't know how to get back to it. I wish someone would tell me. Are you that person?

Moving on I really like Azhar and Teresa performance. The plot was a real twister. Super cun and awe inspiring. Got me on the edge.

Towards the end we all sat around to for therapy. This 'lets talk about stuf' thingy really helps develop the finer details of acting, plus its really nice that people open up and help each other out by offering advice on how to solve ones problems. I really think that at the end of each meet up we should do this sharing bit because then no one goes home with questions or doubts in their heads. In the long term I think that this activity could help us avoid major problems later on especially if one party is not satisfied.

Lepak SessioN – PerFoRMaNce by Micheal

I’m in love…with his singing that is. Some of his songs made me feel a little sad by it was really mind blowing. I mean this is the guy who have the energy of ,quote ‘ a puppy’ but when he sings its like that is who he really is. Its so honest. I really like this song which he call Star. He said it was a cheesy title for the song but I really think that it suits it. Maybe it’s the atmosphere or maybe it’s the company but it really made my day.

Getting my mind blowed twice in a day ;) What more can a person ask …ahh the sigh of satisfaction

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