Friday, May 11, 2012

For my friends who are having a child

I am a child


I see you in pain
I am in pain


I see you laughing
I laugh

Who am I
but a child

A child

Travelling in Indonesia for a month with my dad at the moment. Now I am in Malang Indonesia looking for a good friend living here. Thinking about friendship sitting on a chair which I was laughing at the profound silliness of Life with my dad, I suppose I am who I am because my parents are who they are.

1 person shared that he/she is excited and terrified of being a parent. :D I told my dad that and he said :"Yea of course. When you were born, a father is also born."

Anyways you are all going to be fantastic parents :D cause no one is perfect la. Love you all and thinking of you and your family