Thursday, November 25, 2004

Verdict - Guilty

ZZZ Land

The Z’s took hold of me right after I posted the blog yesterday and I got up at 9pm to wish Des happy birthday. My plans for a mini party at Des’es place is out the window.

Angela's Ashes

I have just gone through a quarter of the book and it really made me sad and a bit pissed off.

There was a part where this boy kept asking questions to his dad and his dad kept replying “you’ll understand when you get older”. Well that got me thinking, maybe that is why when we were young we all wanted to be older, because kids assume that the mysteries of the world would unfold when ‘we get older’. Then we get older and find that we still don’t know all the answers you had as a kid and to top it all we have less fun. Really sad.

The Case

Was having a discussion with Ramon just now and I realize that I am super sensitive to this whole Asian-Western thing.


I am overly sensitive to comments about Asians/Asia especially if subject is comparing with the West.

Plausible Reasons

  • Defensive because Malaysians have a habit of complaining about Malaysia and constantly thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.
  • SPG who sees Caucasian men as a knight with big fat wallets and take them away to la-la land where everything is purr-fect.
    Sadly this is what my ex-roomie thinks and I had a friend who thinks that.
    (We didn’t fall out because of that)
  • Misconceptions that I had about Western men that is embarrassing for me to state here.

Verdict - Guilty

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