Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Tribute to the diehards/hardcore

Uni has started aargh…ooo I feel sick…argh I am sick. Well uni has started for 3 weeks already and I think I am starting to get the hang of things again...sort off

On the night before class, my forehead started heating up and there was gooseflesh all over. As the night wore on I got a fever. I think its post holiday trauma. I just don’t want my holidays to end.

For all you folks out there, in case you didn't know, I had a 2 months break from uni and it was bliss.Sigh

Theater Sessions / People
Every day of my holiday was filled with eating sleeping and generally just going for theater sessions.
In a week's time, more specifically the 2nd of July, all this will end. No more theater for me for a long while. Phew.
Part of me is going to celebrate because there will be no more worrying about what people are thinking or how things could have been done and rescheduling stuff to fit theater in. Yet despite everything, I know when it is all over, I will miss the diehards who stayed on.

Teresa@ dickChick and all her far out comments that make you just go huh.

David@ Mr. K.I.A with his confusing mood swings; you never know what he have up his sleeves. It gives me a headache trying to figure him out.

Ariff the director that we… well I bitch about because he is the director and I don’t do well with directions. Muhahahaha.Nah Ariff is alright. I admire his ability to switch modes. One minute Mr. Macho the next thing you know a little cheeky boy or a makcik.

Next in line, Azhar with all his witty comments, quotes from strange people and poetry. This guy really cracks me up especially his laughter

The latest addition to the group would be Ramon. He has only been with us for a couple of months but Ramon is a necessary one as he is our sacrifice to the God of laughter and stories. In a way Ramon is our pillar that in a way keeps us all together. Its hard to explain but he definitely entertains us. OMG his stories. Really interesting.

Seriously though I really admire and respect every single one of these people for putting in the energy and effort to continue on with the theater program even though the company closed down. I got to say that Teresa is the nicest and most tolerant woman I know and I respect her for her principles and ethics. Hell she tolerates me blek.

Well I guess this started as a whingy little piece about uni but ended as an ode to the people that I have hung out for the past 2 months and despite all the drama and conflicts I know I will miss them all…except for Ramon. He is my housemate.

All hail to the diehards!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

StReSS, The PRoduceR, TheateR ... the dreariness that comes with paSSioN

Stress.Lfe is all about stress I guess. I have been neglecting my blog because everything seem to be piling up. Ha excuses as usual but I guess drama in my life makes me feel drain. Some time ago the theater group I am with had a confessional session and someone said that I am hostile and I intimidated him. Well to be honest I don’t really know how I really feel about that. I think a certain part of me feels upset because that part feels that we can never hang out as friends but the other part just feel that its what’s necessary.

Theater - VTC to the nameless theater group
The history of it all since this is going to end soon

It all started out last year. There were about 10 of us and we were all under Victorian Theater Company. Well as time wore on and as more nerves were grated people started leaving.

After a while things just didn’t seem to be going too well. The producer is stuck in between paychecks and bringing good to the group. In the end the company closed down and there was only 5 of us. I was determine that we would have a production no matter what and the 5 of us started off with an energy that I never saw before. Before we all met up once a week but now we were meeting up 3 times a week and there were some that thought that after a few weeks time things would just disintegrate like all “Reformasi” in Malaysia but we stuck through. Undeniably I became the bad guy who had to push and shut people up but sometimes I wish that people would just listen.

As production date is nearing we have finally gotten a script and the latest drama is still about the script. Maybe its my fault for telling him that it was a piece of crap. Frustration and anger clouded me and that was my mistake. But hey at least I apologize la...

- The be continued -

Arrgh see why I don’t blog any more. I have become boring and prissy.
Well people the next time I think I will just blog down my story from my writing course... maybe