Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Leaving Malaysia soon and I want to thank everyone of you for being a part of my life in Malaysia and creating Memories :D

The procrastinator that I am I finished the write up.


A human being is an accumulation of memories.Our knowledge, perceptions how we think are affected by experiences and hence memories.Memoryscapes seeks to create "land"scapes out of memories

A Work in Progress to Phase 1
a performance art piece in a public space in Kuala Lumpur. My way of saying good bye to KL city as I'll be globetrotting and living in different spaces.(KL-ites it will be happening soon, I'm leaving in early May anyways)

Phase 2 collaborating with a Malaysian musician to create new memoryscapes by sharing our experiences of Life and Kuala Lumpur.


Quitting the security of my job in New Jersey and living with $200 for 3 months in NYC nesting dreams of being an artist. Coming home to you Kuala Lumpur, it took a while to re-adjust to the static of the past.

On the other hand KL you are growing so fast. Getting to know you, I remember myself again. Numbness is unnoticeable until it’s time to explore again.


Images here -

1. Nesting Dreams

"I would frame this up"
Simple as that, a dream sprouts.

-Memories with Wei-Ling Siew walking on the streets on Manhattan

2. L.O.V.E

Living with you.
Enrich me til today

-Memories with Lawrence living in Astoria and walking along Flushing in Queens

3. Memories, KL with Rose Tints
KL (Klang Valley)

“ Remember the crazy mini buses?" – Our road havocs

“Bangsar used to be happening man” – Our pubs and bar area

"So sakai la the Orang Asli’s sit outside the road” – Forest reserve and homes for the orang asli; currently Kota Damansara.

“ There used to be trees here. Now we have highways. I guess they can be concrete trees, only uglier” – Tree lined roads

“They tore down my school” - Bukit Bintang girls school, now Pavilion shopping mall

“Wao arranged marriages still happens in Malaysia?” – my neighbour meeting various brides to be

“eww it looks like a longkang la” - stream in FRIM concretized

“Ehh wooden house so kampong la” – Our race to be ‘modern’

-Memories with words spoken with you within the city.Its the people who makes the city.

4.Walking a-Long old haunts

"Same same but not the same"

-Memories with spaces in KL

5. Light my butter cups

"She loan me the fee for submitting this portfolio with no questions ask.."

- Memories of support and Love from Lim Paik Lyn

6.Reflecting elemental

" One minute do theater, the next doing photography. Like jumping here and there...blablablabla. You got to be focus Paik Yin"

"I love so many things that I want to be everything"

- Memories of inner dialogue with family and worried mum. Interaction without my world. Reflective view points.

7.Finding me in me

"I can't read Chinese la"
"Eee you banana"

"I hated Chinese school but now I'm grown up I'm glad I understand a little bit Chinese la"

- Memories of unfamiliar Chinese customs that are unrelated but comforting later on.

8.Submerge in dreams and beauty

"Look rainbow"


"Dum dee dee dum..."

"Sometimes the world is so ugly I need to retreat to a little space and be immersed"

-Memories of cocooning myself and passively watching by.

9.The good ole days, moving along

"Remember in high school we use to go "pang sai" on the road? haha"

"OMG she use to be so cun last time"

"Yea we use to talk over the phone for hours hahahahah"

"Wao I know you for 15 years already? We got to celebrate wei"

"What am I going to do. I'm pregnant and I miss him so much."

"Yea he is married but I love him"

"Ehh don't take so much pills la"

- Memories with high school friends moving on to a less simplistic view.

10.Let's fly TO-get-here
"Why are you looking for her approval?Enough already you are grown up"

"I don't know why you always hide behind other people okay. Stop hiding"

"Babes you damn creative la"

"There isn't a music scene in KL okay"
"There is la you just don't know where"

"Cool found a jamming circle"

"Wanna write lyrics for me?"

- Memories with old and new friends. All believed in me before I believe in myself.

11.Time to ROCK this show
"Ehh babes you damn cool la"

"Woman you have always been creative la"

"Ya ke? I can't remembered la"

"Yea la you always been creative what remember those jeans you did at art attack lol"

"Ooo I love that we had so much fun"

- Memories forgotten that re-ignite confidence

12.Lets get personal

"Damn man when I got back home my family move so I don't even know how to get back home and before I left RA*** was my security anchor"

"Yea I was telling my father why he is shouting when he is just talking and my family went like eeyerr chichi go America so hoity toity already"

"Yea I didn't tell you this but I had anxiety attacks when I was working in COR***, driving home I just burst out crying for no reason"

"Who are you talking to?"

"Please don't go"

"Huh I thought things would be different, as in you would change la, Phew I can still talk to you."

"How are you now?"
"Great actually. I was fragmented before and I was coming together but woman I damn love you okay cause meeting you reminded me to just be myself"

- Memories breaking down in NYC, fragmenting in the midst from NYC to KL and reverse culture shock. Consolidation process in KL

2. Digital images are taken from 2006 to 2011

Fuji Film 5100 , Pentax KX and a point and shoot Panasonic Lumix.

Uneditted because there is beauty in "reality".

3. Lim Paik Yin.

I work with projects that gravitate towards,Art, children,gender equality and sustainable living.

As a learning artist, I have been taking photographs of spaces where I find beauty in the simplest of everyday life be it the reflection of the sunlight on a window on a warm evening walking in the city or discovering street art during my short stay in America exploring New York City.

Writing spoken words was a natural gravitation that has evolved from writing in my diary at 16. I've done a few readings at Open Mic nights and write now writing some lyrics with some music

What I love about performing arts is that I can combine my love for dance, theater, photography, spoken words and moving pictures. Kind of like a mini festival