Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Today - 5th July 2011

Ego manic rears its little tail,
with the same old rooster
crowing to its crowning glory.

Anger seeps beneath
benevolence pretence,
I look behind me
and there is it.

The same old tail
wagging its heads,
uncontrollably afraid

I shout for Merdeka
In my tiny stadium,
When the bigger game

Is in my face.

Your tiring looks,
Going on your train,
If time is my life
Then what I do with it
Is my salvation

I preach to you
And I implore
All though its to you;
I’m exploring
The depths of within

Through surface talks
And done deals
Behind closed doors
City living takes its toll
As charted high rises,
sky rockets

Still your smiles comforts ,
The bravery of going outside the grains
Fear seeps in
But you still raise on
Above the cloacks
Of anxiety and repression.

I salute you for standing tall,
I bow down to your arrest.
Friends may fritter to frays,
Please don’t step over the edge

Share your troubles my young heroine
For power sticks like heroin
Remember your passions
And your dreams

That keeps your head
Above the mists.
I love you and you are me.
Ok I won’t give you
The 1 MY=you=we talk.

I can rally up
What this is all about
But it won’t be sharing
If you and I don’t dissent.

Couldn’t help it,
You know
I got a mouth. 

Date : 9 July 2011
Time : 12pm
Venue : the Malaysian High Commission, Belgrave Square (Nearest Tube: Hyde Park Corner)

1. Korea
Date : 9 July 2011
Time : 3.00pm
Venue : Malaysian High Commission, 4-1 Hannam-dong, 140-210, Seoul

2. Australia
Date : 9 July 2011
Time : 12.00pm
Venue : Malaysian Consulate in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (simultaneous)

3. Japan
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: Tower of the Sun, Osaka

4. USA
a. Los Angeles
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia, 550 South Hope Street, Suite 400, Los Angeles

b. San Francisco
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 9.30am
Venue: Chrissy Field Picnic Area, Presidio, San Francisco

c. New York City
Date: 9 July 2011
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Consulate General of Malaysia, 313 East 43rd Street, New York

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