Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Closeted ART-IS COMING out

weedflower's ART-IS portfolio

My first entry
My first portfolio
My first voting call
My first everything

Cooking dinner for you all
Jamming at the tikar with you all
Music randomness outside with you all
Sharing the dinner table and cooking with you all

Thank you for joining in
Thank you for sharing in 
Thank you for opening in
Thank you for spacing in

So peeps, its been a long time since I wrote on this blog.
Yes I've been in a cacoon.
I've experienced New Jersey, Visited Frida in Mexico, found street art in NYC, meet the most interesting people in the States who don't think that they are interesting, lived in New York City for 3 months out of the kindness of people but most of all I've been inspired.

To break out of my cacoon, 
I had to defragment myself.
I had to say some goodbyes
and learn some lessons softly

Coming back to Malaysia
Initial disorientation
led to some friends and past habits
Surrendering to doing what I don't want to do

It's been disorientating touching down KL. So much have changed and so much has remained the same. In retrospect, Kuala Lumpur has grown up like me. I become more shiny and "modern" up to the point where I remember someone took a horrendous picture of me and I was very upset. Hang on there. That doesn't sound like who I am.Oh no!!! I've become serious Gasp gasp gasp. Will I lose my quirkiness and all that randomness in my head....

hang on

I did lost my sense of humour without even knowing it eeek.

Since 2008

I worked in Corbis as a photo researcher at Corbis. Love the job had to adjust to the enviroment.

which led to a short but interactive stint at Bake 180

I coordinated HerStory Malaysia. Love the arty aspect had to adjust to working with people 

I studied permaculture at Embun Pagi, Malaysia. Love every aspect of the course had to adjust to reigning myself

RIGHT NOW I'm interning and living at Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Gallery. Love the space and freedom to be AM balancing the art of being an artist and a gallery manager

It's been 2 years since I landed, the open road is A-calling gain. 

This time around for expansion

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Antares said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere, Weedflower! ;-) xoxox