Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project : THEhe-ART of Living

My real education starts now.Researching for
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Project : THEhe-ARTofLiving

1. Permaculture
(/Feng Shui? (need to investigate further):)
tummy fulfilling,
                          toes tickling,
                                               and land loving.

Been planting a couple of stuff from seeds.
Also started a little garden outside my parents house. Its "dirty", its "messy" and that is the whole point of it.

I want My plants to be strong.
I want my plants to remember that it didn't need me to BABY it.
I want my plants to remember it's PAst.

I want the plants to have a second chance.
I want plants that people thROW to GROW.
I want the WILDerness to come.

I dream of a space where ALL is welcome.
I dream of a day when we realize there is already a sPACE if we slow down and fEEL.

In this plot of land

there is a LONG-Kang
but I see a WATER-Fall, with rocks and all
LACK-ing some LIFE.

Just a few doors away, there was a huge BUNdle of vines
WANNA play Tarzan and Jane?
I can be your JANe lol
as I unwind.

VVine is a strong rope it MAkes
I tie it around a brick and throw it in the LONG-kang
LISTEN to the change in water flow from pounding to drippings of bells
LONG-kanG no more


Carbon Based Lifeforms - Abiogenesis

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