Friday, September 30, 2011


CHANCE may seem incidentally and random, but for me chance happens because of actions taken base on cycles of decisions. Following the line of thought of chance from the ancient Greek concept and the Buddhist idea of karma, in a nutshell chance is a meeting point. This point visually would be a dot, and potentially leading into a line and so on, or nothing at all.

Chance happens in the human realm when 2 beings of separate thought and personalities meet. A meeting which happens at a point in time X due to an accumulation of previous actions base on decisions made separately and independently from each other. Chance happens when each being acting independently of each other connects even if it’s for a brief moment.

That connection is the meeting point and whether that meeting point becomes a line or more is entirely dependent on the individual beings; Choices and decision of the individual would bring the dot to a line if they each made an effort.

A short story would be bumping into a random stranger and feeling compelled to connect. At this chanced meeting, I can decided to act on my compulsion or not. Chance just created the opportunity to decide. The fun part is, even if I decide to connect there are other variables to consider.

In its simplest form,
CHANCE = Meeting point, which happens when [Being1 (Decision)* + Being 2 (Decisions)*]

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