Thursday, February 03, 2005

On the Issue of God

Before reading on do take note that I don’t subscribe to a particular religion but my ideas and ideals lean more towards Tibetan Buddhism.

I think that there is a piece of God in every one of us and everyone is capable of experiencing God. To me God is Love and every time we Love someone selflessly we are closer to God. I think that is what I am searching for. Love. Do take note that the Love that I am searching for does not come from a person. Maybe its idea that Love can make the world a better place because when we Love people would have more faith in each other. With Love maybe people would try and understand each other instead of trying to hurt one another. For me the belief in God is good enough. I choose not to subscribe to one particular religion because I saw hypocrisy in the people who claimed that they were good.

The path to hell is paved with good intentions
I really get annoyed by strangers who preach to me about God. What makes them think that their views are right? After all right and wrong is rather subjective isn't it? I think that everyone has their own version of what or how God is like. God is a personal thing, thank you very much.

Religion is something pure that got corrupted by the doings of man. I have friends who lost faith in their religion because they see hypocrisy and some its because they need to through the journey of finding God.
I think a person who questions is on the path to finding God. People who can’t take questions about their religion or faith makes me think that they are insecure and follow with no direction.

Heaven and Hell

This is our heaven or hell. Ever wonder why is it that someone who seemed to have nothing still seem contented. I have met a person who has found God and he was at peace with himself. To me he was the richest person ever for he had something that even money couldn’t buy.
Hell is a sort of trapping of the mind. A person who has his own demons to deal with.

Naz came and asked me what I was doing. Got embarrassed and closed up


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