Thursday, February 03, 2005

This is what I wrote earlier

I believe that …

… God is every where.
…. Love is God and God is Love
… to appreciate God we just have to look around at Nature
…people who claims that their religion is right is astray
…organized religion is just there to guide mankind and is not a necessity
…religion is pure and what corrupts it is mankind
… the belief in God is good enough
… a person who questions God is on to path to finding God
… to search for God it is not the destination that matter but the journey itself

I admire…
the person who has found God because he seems to be at peace with himself and the world around him.

I am still searching for something. Is it God? I do not know. There are some who would say that I am lost. Yes I am lost but I would like to find the way out myself

Why do we need God?
Maybe we need God because it gives us an assurance that what we do matters and there is some form of retribution. Maybe we believe in God even though it can’t be proven because we need Hope.

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