Wednesday, April 27, 2005

puppY PoWer - GeRMaiNe

Bartholomew she isn't
geRMaiNe it is and she spreads germs.
A real Killer she ain't
She is acts just like a pussy cat

Wondering what that was about?

Click on the pic of a closer peek

Isn't she adorable. Yea she kind of made my heart melt.


disco-very said...

at RM20? that's quite a steal! from SPCA?

she's freaking adorable. take good care of her and good luck!

weedflower said...

This little puppy was from the local Taman Maluri, Kepong morning market.
Other than puppies you can get really yummy mee jawa. the only catch is if you don't take away you got to deal with a stinky longkang.
But damn the mee is good.Slurp!!!