Wednesday, April 13, 2005

reunited with my pen and PapeR

How dull how drool my blog seems
(yes this is the inner critic that I should be packing off).

Everything is about me. Yes this is my blog but when I started this blog I had all these little stories to tell and I ended up getting caught up with my emotions.

Writing Class - reacquainted with the pen and paper

Today was my first class in creative writing with Sharon Bakar. It was really fun to have to use these fingers writing with pen and paper again. There is something very therapeutic holding the pen and materializing all these ideas down on paper. Maybe its because with a pen and paper a person is not confined to just writing in a set format like this.For me I guess writing down on paper would be a more personal affair. The fact that I use my own hands and those squiggly little un-uniformed alphabets are written down by me and me alone makes the written piece more of who I am as oppose to these cold and standardized fonts on the pc now. If this was a piece of paper this page would have at least a picture that I drew to express how I feel right now

Fast writing?
Write write write. Anything and everything in your heads goes. The rule is not to stop until the clock stop ticking. Your life mission is to pour out everything onto paper. No worries about grammar or spelling its just write write write.

Ring!The clocks stops

Its amazing with the ideas and stories that comes out of ones mind in that situation. The pressure is so intense and my concentration level was amazing. Yet I realized that the story I like the best was when I wasn’t trying to write about myself. In a way maybe I rely on writing too much to express how I feel that I lost sight of the fun of writing. The fact that when you write you make up these stories that transport you to some where else. It felt vulnerable to read out loud what I thought out loud at first but I am really glad that I did. All in all I guess I neglected my pen and paper for far too long.

I feel so alive.


honeybosh said...

so will u be sharing with us on ur blog what u wrote?

weedflower said...

ooo you are stroking the ego maniac in me...
some how that sounds dirty i don't know why

bibliobibuli said...

Ha! I found you! Glad this craziness is working for you, and you are discovering new things about yourself and your writing.