Sunday, April 03, 2005

thoughtS & iNSpiRatioN

If only my mom knew what I had to go through to get the tickets to Zouk Friday night, she’d freak. Now don’t let your imagination go astray. All I did was hang around... actually more like loafing. but that in my mom’s books is the biggest sin.
"Why don’t you
(fill your particular loathsome chore)
m.c. clean your room)
instead of wasting time."
m.c = my choice

Yea at times I got to admit that maybe she is right I should do something more productive, yet when it comes to the times when it seems like I am not doing anything, I am just deep in thought.

What kind of stuff you say?

Mostly just silly stuff with the occasional odd twist of crack wisdom in it, but normally I don’t really share them. I think its because people seems to be so caught up in their lives or problems that they won’t be entertained or listen to whatever it is stuck up in my head.

Now some people might just say that I have an inferiority complex but in some weird arrogant way at times (as oppose to all the time) I just think that well it’s their lost if they aren’t interested. Well ok that’s just my arrogant side speaking but in all honesty I crave for someone to listen to those thoughts and discuss about it for ideas cannot grow without interaction it lies stagnant in my mind. Beliefs have been broken before but it becomes stronger if one were to find it again.

The major problem is finding that person who understands or can see what you are getting at.

which leads to inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms but the greatest source of my inspiration comes from the people I meet and see everyday. Sadly what inspires me the most is also what I shy from. The hard thing about being in a long term relationship is that contentment can often be mistaken for as boredom.

Maybe it is just me. There are just too many facets of me for one person to satisfy or maybe there is only one of me and one story to tell but the story is stagnant without certain people to tap into the other facets of who I am. It’s like some people bring out the best or worst in you and being human is just what hinders the materialization of thoughts.

Who gets this raise their hands please.

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