Wednesday, April 27, 2005

puppY PoWer - GeRMaiNe

Bartholomew she isn't
geRMaiNe it is and she spreads germs.
A real Killer she ain't
She is acts just like a pussy cat

Wondering what that was about?

Click on the pic of a closer peek

Isn't she adorable. Yea she kind of made my heart melt.

Monday, April 25, 2005

woRd of the day : CoMpaRtMentaliZed followed up with a dash of BRaiN MatteR

Say CoMpaRtMeNtaliZed

Everything is compartmentalized. In a way that is what we humans need to do to make sense of the world.

People in our lives –
Family , Friends , Acquaintances , Lovers, Enemies, Work mates ...

Friends can further be grouped into -
mates you hang out with, hi-bye friends, kaki makan (eaters united), bargain queens, shoulder to cry on ...

you get the picture

We all need everything around us compartmentalized or our brains would combust into a million pieces due to random data overload.

I like the word Compartmentalized. Say it. It kind of taste nice. Your tongue moves a lot

BRaiN MatteR

On a side note, apparently Einstein used only 5% of his brains.
Think about it.
If Einstein used only 5% of his brain power, then what about us normie people?
What we'd be lucky if we reach 1%?
Well maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that we don’t use our brains to the fullest.
At the rate that we are destroying the Earth I guess it can’t be too bad that we aren’t using our brains much.

It’d be cool though in a way. Imagine a super human race with “super powers” I guess things would be as cool/chaotic as Gotham city but then again we’d probably get bored and start doing crazy heinous acts… but then that’s me being pessimistic and having weird premonitions that technology would one day render humans lazy, weak and over reliant on machines.

Die Humans Die
0101 1111 0101

Now if I had to choose a super power and I only have one I would choose to fly. No more traffic jams or drunk driving for me all I need to do is make sure I don’t hit the lamp post when I am landing drunk.

Well nothing profound or weird tonight. The muse is taking a night off.

Over and out

Monday, April 18, 2005

RANTiNg : an androgynous world

Had a mamak session that churn out this little piece.

Someone asked me what I think the future would be like and I said that I think that in future it would be androgynous. Ok me being a duh person I didn’t elaborate and stated that what I meant is that roles between man and woman would be androgynous.

Train of thoughts ready for departure...choo choo

Then again scarily maybe that’s where it all starts from. If men and women would equal in all aspects why would we need to call each other men or women. I mean we are equal why even separate gender. What would sex be like? Would there be a national debate on equality if one person prefers to be on top? Who knows what the future will hold. Maybe we’d be so highly developed that we don’t even need to have sex anymore just project your acts of pleasure with whatever being across the room and there you have it.

Carnal pleasure.

Of course things would be way more sophisticated. I mean people today are disgusted with women and their hair all over other than the ones on their head. (Maybe it’s the fact that they are hairless all over and the accumulation of it ends up on the head) Why if men and women were equal we’d all be hairless and shiny except for the women with their long flowing mane which is the epitome of sexiness (and the only way to distinguish the femmes). I mean the conversation on who got it longer would just veer from the male species and there won’t be any more speculation.

Its all convenience in the future.

In the future emitting your odor (which emit pheromones, that is a meter of your sexiness hormones…supposedly la) is a boo boo. Ohh wait that’s already happening. It’s pretty logical actually. Everything is going to be sterilized. In the future with sex being too animalistic, all you have is mind blowing sex (taken literally of course). Why bother with all these smells and hairiness.

Imagine a world where men and women are equal and nothing to differentiate them.


OK finally I am getting to the conversation from the mamak session.

The above was an expert from the cynical and deranged mind file section.

Venue : some outdoor mamak
Time : 15th of April 2005,Friday
Reason : Bored high i got loose think too much and becoming a blabber mouth

Blabbing How roles are going to be androgynous?

Well I am all for feminism and its cause but at one point of time I actually come to realize this where does that leave men? Men have over the years been brought up to believe that they are the stronger sex and hence they should have more ‘power’ or say in the process of decision making. Well these days women are gaining liberties in the work place. Things are far from perfect today but this is the future we are talking about here. Gender roles are blurring. We have the new wave of men and women today. Women have choices today. There is a new generation of men who aren't obsessed with being "macho" any more (metrosexual men la)

Women are more emotional and men are logical.

Well what if we are brought up that way? Women are more emotional because we are allowed to. If a little boy were to cry society would ask him to dry up and be a man. Heck girls are brought up to be less independent. Now I know parents would shout and scream that we have to protect the girls from the evils of the world (rape etc) but I think its precisely because of this over protectiveness that makes some women rely on men or think that only a man can make them feel safe.Well I have been with a couple of guys and I realize hell men and women aren’t that different. I think it’s the rules society place on sexes that makes us bewildered with each other. Ok after all these raving and ranting I can honestly say I can’t claim to know a 100% how a man think. I do know that I get overly emotional get all crazy and give people a gigantic headache but I think the trick is control…or some people would see it as repression

Balancing Act/Yin and Yang

Maybe in the end it’s all about balance. Yea its good to be emotional but getting too emotional would just be too selfish because when I get emotional everything is about me. I fail to realize (ok or I don’t want to see) that I am hurting the people around me. It becomes all consuming. Yet without emotions would render that person no better than a highly developed robot because being human is to feel.

To love and hate with passion. To run away and then realize that you can’t run and block feelings for the rest of your life. To fall into the deepest pit of despair without fear knowing that you can climb out of that black hole. To love with all your heart and be hurt by actions or words. To learn to trust and earn it in return. To let someone else into your secret world every nook and cranny. That’s just life and being human.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

gueSS what dad got from the market

“Paik Yin! Paik Yin! Wake up see what I got”

I forced my eyes to open up and there was my dad standing next to my bed carrying a puppy in his arms like it was his first grandchild.

“I got it for rm20 only.”

I swear that if the puppy could talk it would “say what the hell is happening here”.

I really thought mom would freak out when she saw the puppy but I guess my dad’s enthusiasm germs caught on to mom. In case any one is wondering we haven’t named the puppy yet. First we got to figure out if it’s a he or a she. Ahh well I never was good with names anyway.

Well that’s news for the today.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

reunited with my pen and PapeR

How dull how drool my blog seems
(yes this is the inner critic that I should be packing off).

Everything is about me. Yes this is my blog but when I started this blog I had all these little stories to tell and I ended up getting caught up with my emotions.

Writing Class - reacquainted with the pen and paper

Today was my first class in creative writing with Sharon Bakar. It was really fun to have to use these fingers writing with pen and paper again. There is something very therapeutic holding the pen and materializing all these ideas down on paper. Maybe its because with a pen and paper a person is not confined to just writing in a set format like this.For me I guess writing down on paper would be a more personal affair. The fact that I use my own hands and those squiggly little un-uniformed alphabets are written down by me and me alone makes the written piece more of who I am as oppose to these cold and standardized fonts on the pc now. If this was a piece of paper this page would have at least a picture that I drew to express how I feel right now

Fast writing?
Write write write. Anything and everything in your heads goes. The rule is not to stop until the clock stop ticking. Your life mission is to pour out everything onto paper. No worries about grammar or spelling its just write write write.

Ring!The clocks stops

Its amazing with the ideas and stories that comes out of ones mind in that situation. The pressure is so intense and my concentration level was amazing. Yet I realized that the story I like the best was when I wasn’t trying to write about myself. In a way maybe I rely on writing too much to express how I feel that I lost sight of the fun of writing. The fact that when you write you make up these stories that transport you to some where else. It felt vulnerable to read out loud what I thought out loud at first but I am really glad that I did. All in all I guess I neglected my pen and paper for far too long.

I feel so alive.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

thoughtS & iNSpiRatioN

If only my mom knew what I had to go through to get the tickets to Zouk Friday night, she’d freak. Now don’t let your imagination go astray. All I did was hang around... actually more like loafing. but that in my mom’s books is the biggest sin.
"Why don’t you
(fill your particular loathsome chore)
m.c. clean your room)
instead of wasting time."
m.c = my choice

Yea at times I got to admit that maybe she is right I should do something more productive, yet when it comes to the times when it seems like I am not doing anything, I am just deep in thought.

What kind of stuff you say?

Mostly just silly stuff with the occasional odd twist of crack wisdom in it, but normally I don’t really share them. I think its because people seems to be so caught up in their lives or problems that they won’t be entertained or listen to whatever it is stuck up in my head.

Now some people might just say that I have an inferiority complex but in some weird arrogant way at times (as oppose to all the time) I just think that well it’s their lost if they aren’t interested. Well ok that’s just my arrogant side speaking but in all honesty I crave for someone to listen to those thoughts and discuss about it for ideas cannot grow without interaction it lies stagnant in my mind. Beliefs have been broken before but it becomes stronger if one were to find it again.

The major problem is finding that person who understands or can see what you are getting at.

which leads to inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms but the greatest source of my inspiration comes from the people I meet and see everyday. Sadly what inspires me the most is also what I shy from. The hard thing about being in a long term relationship is that contentment can often be mistaken for as boredom.

Maybe it is just me. There are just too many facets of me for one person to satisfy or maybe there is only one of me and one story to tell but the story is stagnant without certain people to tap into the other facets of who I am. It’s like some people bring out the best or worst in you and being human is just what hinders the materialization of thoughts.

Who gets this raise their hands please.