Saturday, May 14, 2005

QUESTION : what makes you feel alive? AND split ends

Today is one of those days. I just don’t want to talk to any one. The masses starting to bore me. Everyone seem so intent on getting the latest gadget or worries about their image. All these little little insignificant things. All this makes me want to scream “Blardi hell surely there must be more to life than just this?”

Question : What makes you feel alive?

The most interesting reply I had to this question was strip dancing. And by this I mean he likes to strip dance. Fancy that. I am pretty impress. Never thought I hear someone say that.

For some its adrenaline like bungee jumping. Maybe it’s the fact that laughing at death makes them feel more alive?

Me? I feel alive when I am having a deep and meaningful conversation. It’s like I am a leeching up and sucking all their ideas and in return I give them back a great hurl of opinions and ideas that swirls and gets people stoned. It’s a talent I have. Yes, yes thank you (bowing to sounds of imaginary clapping) Sounds yucky actually. Back to being serious, discussing about the what ifs in life perks the imaginative side of my brain and I am not talking about regrets here. Listening to stories either real or surreal is just as entertaining, especially if one has the talent for uncovering secret and embarrassing incidents muahahahah…

aargh morphing into pink plastic long haired....

Ooo yea and being bimbotic can be fun too. Moving to an entertaining note, I honestly would say I feel alive when I am doing silly stuff or hatching up schemes to inflict on myself or other people. Ehheeheh.

Naturally at this point in time the bimbotic incidents that I find myself in just would not come to my mind or there would be a nice little story on how bimbotic I was/am. Although strangely I do recall stories about the bimbotic deeds of my friends pretty easily. Now I do find this strange but trust me, one day the bimbotic side with giant plastic boobs would rise above me and I will be sure to blog it down…

Some people would be embarrassed about doing silly stuff but what the hell you only live once. Yea so I am most alive when I get that motto in motion – when I throw caution to the wind and just do what I wanna do (within limits of course).

Being a bimbo and laughing about it later on.

(due to the nature of my personalities the answers are split, ohh no I just split my hair. I so hate split ends)

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