Thursday, May 05, 2005

AngRy WomaN RaNtiNg

"I got no time la"

"Sorry dear busy tonight."

Ever felt that the older you get the more things you need to get done and the less time you seem to have for yourself?
Well maybe its because we get so caught up with our jobs or partners and you know what...

That SUCKS!!!

Yea say all you want.
Say that you’ve all grown up and you’ve got to take care of someone other than yourself. Say that I am childish yada yada yada.

My point is if you ain’t happy can you actually truly please someone else?

Take possessive lovers.
If your partner was possessive and you have a social life of a zero when you are together, won’t you start expecting the same from him/her? Won’t you become resentful or bored? Is this your routine conversation?

You : hey how was your day
Partner : its same old same old. How was yours?
You : ahh you know great
(Silence both do whatever they were doing before.)

Granted this scene can be so much more worse if anyone of them grunted a reply

Gawd I think I just died of boredom

Back to reasons to put yourself first.

What about your job.

Call me idealistic but I want my job to be something that I wake up every morning raring to go. I don’t want a job that I go to because I have to. The next time you are stuck in a traffic jam or in the LRT during the morning rush hour look at the faces. Do they look happy? No they actually look like zombies
(must be the lack of makeup and the out of bed look apparently I pull this look off really well)
My point is shouldn’t the factor in our career be made up of what we are interested in and not the pay check?

Ahh well I guess they weren’t kidding when they said money is the root of all evil.

*no trigger just felt like being an angry woman for today. Grrrrr

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