Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Tue, Jan 18 2005 04:19:56
An egomaniac wondering how fares her blog. So visit http://weedflower.blogspot.com and email her on her horrendous use of English and eccentric style of writing.(No spelling mistakes thanks to spell checks)Honestly just a wannabe writer and hoping for comments to improve from the general public. To all you mudslingers and critics…shoot me.(eheh its not that fun when someone is a willing target huh)

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Posted a message on a notice board on http://www.kakiseni.com/notices and this is a little odd but I am actually feeling a little embarrassed by it right now. I guess I don’t really have the makings of an egomaniac. I guess I am feeling slightly jittery because this is sort of the first time I am making this blog public. In all honesty I think I just feel a little exposed. I am not too worried about strangers but I guess I always had the thought that if people have information about me, that will make me more vulnerable. After all knowledge is power.

Right I think I shouldn’t worry my brains out and get some sleep. After all I got 2 cousins to attend to in the morning…someone pass me my coffee please.

Goodnite world

p/s praying hard that there aren't any junk mail or spam …Grrr

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