Saturday, December 25, 2004

my take on olivia - rip from youth.arm blog

Ripped off from my entry at the youth.arm blog. Busy with WorldsMMU

ok i can't make any vote on the issue of olivia because i have just heard from one side of the story.

What is stated below is not a represenation of what Olivia.
Disclaimer : Opinions below is solely my take on this issue

Just to clarify things if any of you feel that olivia came to the last session to spite you guys than all i can say is NO.
Why?Coz in actual fact she didn't wanna come to the session and I asked her to come. Maybe even hassle cause well i dunno when to shut up...but it worked muahhahah.(Persistance pays yea.)

Back to the issue.We were suppose to go to a rock concert together and when she decided to stay instead of following me to the concert, I was pleasantly surprise because to me it meant that she really wanted to be part of the group and it wasn't just me psycho-ing her by repeating COme come COME. In actual fact she wanted to quit the group (fact) because she got fired and she was embarassed (sort of fact)...go ask her if you really wanna know how she feels because i am not her (no guarentee she will tell though)

I highly doubt she came to spite us all and in my opinion all she wanted was acceptance from us. If you wanna say she is fucked up then well i dunno coz everyone's fucked up in thier weird way.Look at me (yea a call for attention to meself).If she was rude well what can i say, people can get extra defensive when they feel theaten won't you. IF you guys are voting her out because you think that her behaviour was inappropriate for not joining in then well erm from her i got the impression that she felt unsure and was just waiting for the time when she feels comfortable before joining us because at that time in my opinion she probaly didn't really feel like she was a part of the group.

All i am asking from everyone within the group is to try and see things from Sum's point of view as well as Olivia's and then make a decision. I don't know what happen after i left and i had only feedback from Teresa and olivia.
Admitedly everyone wants something and i guess sometimes its hard to ask for help because no one wants to seem weak hell i should know. What sort of "safe" space is YA's going to be when conflicts between people aren't resolved? I still remember a very drunk and extremely talkative Ariff telling me that there can never be a production with no conflict and yea i was pissed off for a while (but not any more la) because well yea I like things going smoothly because it makes my life easier etc etc (Note to myself:must get everyone drunk together one day)

this isn't a post to ask you guys to side me etc but i really do NOt agree to the fact that when olivia's service with vtc was terminated she was kicked out from the YA's blog too. to me it seemed that she was kicked out of YA's and left with no avenue to state her take on what happen. Grossly unfair (alright alright i am not trying to be an activist or start striping naked and go Save the whales blabalbal) I also do not think that we can all make a fair judgement to vote on the issue of Olivia when we are only presented with one side of the story.

Right talked enough and i am grumpy. Sorry people but you problay see me getting grumpy when you hang out with me everyday (once a week is just not enough). If i say anything offensive i apologize but do tell me because i am a blur person and don't know when to shut up...sometimes i think

Ok its back to mom and her cooking and the MMUWorlds which is causing me to not poo due to stress (yea i know everyone got stress in thier lives but this is my post so its about me ME muahahhahah).

ohh by the way do come and check out the debates.check it out at
Come and check out the Worlds biggest big mouths.Can't guarentee that they will be as entertaining as me (at least i hope i am entertaining I know i entertain myself...some how sounds so wrong). Erm if any of you turn up for the social then i got to say sorry but you guys aren't allowed in due to security reasons. Yea thats the time where i will be getting sloshed again (dun you guys just hate me) because there is going to be a free flow of beers and liquor.*SIGH* And there is a lot of it.*Multiple SIGHS* (yea it be great if its orgasms which i will hopefully get soon. the best stress buster...that is if you don't have to work for it in return :P)

HAllmark moment
Ok i said i would shut up but i didn't. Will shut up now after the little note at the bottom. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.Forgive and forget and accept one another warts and all.

p/s inappropriate language /spelling mistake/unexplainable verbal diahrrea(how do you spell that)/abusive language/me being big headed, i blame it solely on the fact that i had a total of 10 hours of sleep for the past 1 week and me having a massive ego as well as a big head. Spelling errors due to me not using Words and spell check ehehe.Yeah its excuses :P

I proof read this post :P me is show off

ME : Over and out.
people reading this : Finally

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