Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ponder on "copycat"

Hey ya. Been busy playing around with photoshop, editting pictures for my new blog.
Ok I shall not neglect this blog.

Thoughts on my mind

I went to class today, (I don’t really go to class often eheh) and my strategic management lecturer kept repeating this word, “copycat”.

Ok to be honest I was zoning out due to the heat but hey at least i know he was making some joke to prove his point. Well back to the story, so this dude he just kept repeating copycat.
It got me thinking (yes the heat may have made me sluggish but I can still think)how the hell did this word come about. I know I am guilty of using it too but why do we say copycat? For the non users of copycat, copycat means mimic. Is it because one is mimicking a cat or do cat mimic other cats?

Another word that us Malaysians tend to use is the word outstation.
For example “I am going outstation next week”
That word is a reminiscent of our colonial past but where the hell did copycat come about.

Anyone got any clues?


enleaver said...

have no idea where that word comes from. tried searching in but it doesn't tell its origins. anyways, it's great that u went to kch! that's my hometown, and sad to say, i've never been to the rainforest music festival myself...hehehe

Estelle said...

jungleeeeeeeee. thanks so much for the postcard!! i was really touched and yes i loved it :) it didn't have a return address though! i want to send you one as well :D pls pls email me your address or else i'll badger pam and gin and logan for ways to reach you hehehe.

by the way, what does "outstation" mean? :) first time i've encountered that word before. all i know is the word "outhouse". which i think the brits use as a replacement for the "john" or "washroom" <-- Filipino's version of the toilet. -_-`.

words can be fun. anyway, how's your play?? :D i'll see you around okay i miss you and thanks so much for the card it was a pleasant surprise. very thoughtful of you :D *hugz*

weedflower said...

Hi Valerene
OMG you can actually find the word copycat in i thought it was just a made up word by some Malaysian.

Ha ha. Surprise Estelle. Anyway glad that you like the postcard. Outstation means going out of town. For example of if you go to another state you say i am going outstation. There wasn't a place to put the return address anyway hahaahhahah