Tuesday, July 05, 2005

JulY 2nd - the Aftermath

I should be doing my assignment and here I am at 2:33 am in the morning in front of my PC spacing out.
Maybe it’s the fact that I am going to Kuching in 2 days time or maybe it’s the fact that the production is over I am not too sure myself. I know Ariff and Azhar are feeling melancholy that we would not be meeting up 3 times a week at the s.space even though it was hard on some of us.

JULY 2nd – the aftermath

Its over. What can I say about the production? Well honestly I know this is one of my biggest role ever. I get to throw a tantrum and share my vocal powers with the rest of the world muahahhaah. It was a little embarrassing for me at first because there were these hordes of little kids asking for autographs.Really embarrassing up to the point where I realize they probably do this all the time and then I just go with the flow. I think the highlight of the afternoon show was when the lights came up and the look on my sister’s face was priceless. Apparently during the fight scenes my sis had deja-vu of me quarrelling with mom and an incident where I ahem..shouted at the neighbour.

Neighbour incident
There I was sleeping peacefully when I heard little kids screaming out of the windows. At first I thought that they were just playing around until I realize that the insults were hurling in our direction. Those kids couldn’t see me but they could see my sis. Well basically I was waken from my peaceful slumber and to make me extra grumpy, I heard their granpa encouraging and telling them what to shout. Now that made my blood boil. In general I like kids and old people no matter how grumpy or whiny they are. Kids are oblivious to what is right or wrong but when the old man was the schemer behind all this racket I just burst. No need to tell what I said so there. That was my justification for shouting at the neighbour bleh.
In case anyone is wondering it , the time was about 1-3…pm. Yea I sleep a lot.

Back to the 2nd of July
Seriously though, the high was worth all the frustrations and time. I think our weekends is going to be rather empty after this. *SIGH*
The funny thing is no one thought of recording the play and hardly there were hardly any pictures taken. Ahh well I guess as Teresa said it will all live in our memories (not unless all of us gets Alzheimer’s diseases).

Other Plans
Anyway Kuching here I come. I think I am just going to spend more time with this most excellent group http://www.hospitalityclub.net/
and maybe I will just volunteer for Food Not Bombs. I always wanted to but some how never did got my butt there. Dunno maybe you will see me there some time soon.

In case any one is wondering if the nameless theater group is going to be revived, the answer is YES but I think all of us need a break for now so if anyone is interested leave a comment. Ahem sponsors for a venue to practice within the vicinity of KL city would also be greatly appreciated. Time estimated probably some where beginning of year 2006.


1-Stephan @ Azhar + Teresa

2- Me + Teresa + Azhar + David

3-Its over. William morphing to Ramon Raj

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