Sunday, September 06, 2015

Bats and black gold

Last night I reached home.
The garden across the street at my parent's place.
I love the smell of the earth that warmly embraces.
I swear it smells sweet.
I've been looking out for bats in the garden.
Staring at the peony looking plant which is wilting
(damn whomever who poured poison on it....or creature killing it)
the stunted mango tree next to the frangipani
and the hibiscus plant that my neighbour threw away
something swooped between the trees and I think its a bat.
Bat (fu 蝠)
The bat is a symbol of happiness and joy. The Chinese for bat (fu 蝠) sounds identical to the word for good fortune(fu 福) making bats a popular Chinese rebuses. - reference from The British Musuem . org
I learnt in permaculture bats droppings are also call Black Gold. Bat droppings are rich in phosphates and nitrates which are used in fertilizer. Also bats eat all the pesky insects that chew on my crops.
This is my kind of economy, an ecosystem which doesn't require me to buy.
Welcoming a host of bats in the garden and guano for the plants and doubles as pest control. (So far I've
I wonder if my cotton plant weren't hosting some cotton ball bats...
maybe i should have checked in the banana leaves.

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