Saturday, December 20, 2014

Past Forward From Woman: Body, Identity and Emotion Series

Past Forward from Woman : Body, Identity and Emotion Series

This project began when I noticed that I look different in my ID photos.

These IDs photos are images when I was 12 to 31 years old.

Early 2014, I started questioning what does it mean to be a woman in relation to my body, emotions and identity. 

This image was submitted for the KLPA 2014 Competition but I've since reshot this photograph after attending the Mt Rokko Photofestival in Kobe August,2014.
The series of self portraits has also expanded from 5  photos to 10 after attending Jörg Brüggemann workshop at Gallery Petronas in October 2014.

There are still many questions that I have and exploring in this series. Hopefully this project will be completed by mid June 2015 as I am already thinking of another project which I am itching to start.

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