Thursday, March 17, 2005

LoVe & cheating

Love is without boundaries so would gender be a limiting factor?
In a way I can’t imagine myself being with a woman because women are generally more emotional and I need someone to balance me and calm me down (ahah sort of like an excuse to throw a tantrum). I tried envisioning myself with a woman (emotionally not sexually) and I cannot see it. I just get the feeling that being with a woman would be sort of burdensome. I know I am not the world’s most rational person but really girls can be so petty at times.

(In case anyone is wondering no I am not talking about anyone in particular just a general group of girls)

Alright in a way I grew up disliking girls because they were the ones who ostracized me when I was in my primary school. The guys were more accepting and they weren’t as “sensitive” as girls. I don’t get it. At times it seems like women are their own worst enemy

On a little kiddy trip to my childhood
I kinda skipped school when I was in primary 1 and ended up in a Chinese school. In a way it is sort of like a nightmare for me in the sense that I only had one friend and when that friend said she didn’t want to be friends anymore, girls didn’t talk to me so I ended up hanging out with the guys.
Well I got over that whole I hate girls thingy. The 2 closest friend with me are women (can’t say girls any more can I). the one thing I love about guy friends is the fact that you can yak all sort of crap or do stoopid stuff and it wouldn’t matter. Jackass whatever.
Psychoanalysis : Maybe it has to deal with my relationship with my mom.

Here is a question if your partner cheats on you would you blame the other person or your partner?
Most of my girl friends blames the other one person. I guess I would take precautions but I would be terribly disappointed and hurt by my partner after all my partner would be the one who succumb right? Would I punch the other person? I don’t know. In a way I think Ramon is the longest lasting relationship I have is the fact that he is the only guy who ever assured me that he wouldn’t cheat on me.

Why would people cheat on each other?
Theory : Boredom?
I think its mostly because they aren’t satisfied with the relationship or themselves…

Go figure.

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